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DL27-G 12V volt Police siren alarm Gray
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--  Police siren --


 The sound of the American Cops



We’re offering here a compact, high performance siren. Totally chromed! 

Fits especially the Japanese Choppers / Bikes because of the included stainless steel clamp. 

The mounting is done to the motor protection - / crash bar. 

Cool optic, loud sound with 118dB / 2m according to the manufacturer.

 Fast mounting and easy to connect without a compressor! The sound volume and the tone changes with a higher rpm.


Details :


  • Engine driven siren 12 Volt

  • Chromed siren

  • Loudness : 118 dB / 2m

  • Special stainless steel clamp for the piping anchorage from 28-34mm.


Measurements :


  • Length: 160mm

  • Width:  103mm

  • Height: 135mm


Mounting :


  • With extra stainless steel clamp for Choppers an Japanese bikes

  • Fits to the motor protection - / crash bar with a pipe diameter from 28-34mm



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